Since we believe that flexibility and adaptability are precious values for our customers, we can guarantee different service models as needed, allowing in any case to monitor and keep track of our activities through ticketing and reporting systems.


Do IT offers the chance to work in partnership with hardware vendors, resellers, integrators, software vendors according to the following activities:

  • support to the sellers in the presentation of technologies and solutions to its customers.
  • needs analysis and proposal of personalized solutions
  • support and verify in the preparation of technical/commercial offer
  • benchmarks/pilots management on hardware and/or software

HPC systems

We can manage all the solution's delivery phases, from environmental verifications and goods shipping up to acceptance. In detail:

  • Installation planning
  • Physical deliverability needs verification (space, weight, power, cooling, etc.)
  • Delivered goods conformity with purchase order
  • Hardware installation activities and equipment wiring (ethernet cabling, infiniband fiber KVM)
  • Firmware updates
  • Configuration of Networking equipment(switch ethernet, infiniband),storage, management interface (ILO, BMC, IMM, DRAC)
  • Operating systems install through cluster management tools: xCat, CSM, CMU, SystemImager, Platform Manager)
  • Low latency networks installation: InfiniBand, Myrinet, Ethernet 10Gb
  • Installation of high-availability systems(LifeKeeper, ServiceGuard, Suse HA, RedHat HA)
  • Configuration of user accounts(identity management)
  • QueueManager installation (Pbs, Lsf, Sge, Oge, Torque)
  • Monitoring software installation
  • Systems tuning
  • Benchmarks of performances
  • Memory, disks, Interconnection
  • Documentation on installation of HPC system

Software Development

We are able to install and configure in an optimized way most of the engineering software that are used in HPC:

  • Structural analysis

    • MSC Nastran e Marc, SimuliaAbaqus, Unigrephics NXNastran, Altair Optistruct, and others.
  • Crash analysis

    • Altair Radioss, ESI Pamcrash, LSTC LSDyna, and others.
  • Aerodynamicanalysis

    • AnsysFluent e CFX, CD-AdapcoStarccm, MetacompCfd++, Altair Acusolve, OpenFoam, FoamPro, and others.
  • Others

    • TASS Madymo, MSC Fatigue e Adams, Ricardo Vectis

All mentioned software and others are fully integrated with the Queue Manager through our product QueSubmit (internally developed) that provides an interface between a user / queue manager and applications.

Support services

Support to our customers can be provided with maximum flexibility. We offer 3 different formulas:

  1. BODY RENT - We can provide specialized figures who can take a continuing management at the customer both in the form of body-rent and project. This solution is particularly suitable for large organizations where our technician, sharing the challenges and problems on a daily basis with the customer, can be easily integrated with policies and needs of the company.
  2. SPOT INTERVENTION - It is possible to plan a regular interval or "according to customer need" interventions aimed at maintaining the system or to the solution of specific problems. You will need to define the modality/times of interventions.
  3. REMOTE SUPPORT - you can plan interventions remotely for maintenance or troubleshooting. We believe that most of the problems encountered on HPC systems can be solved remotely. Operations are carried out through telephone support and / or via e-mail and requires good skills at level ICT / user by the client. It will be necessary, even in this case, define the modality/times of intervention.
  4. OUTSOURCING MANAGEMENT - If customer is interested, we can also provide an outsourcing solution for the management of the HPC solution. It shall be defined a service specification with the SLA (Service Level Agreement) that will be checked at regular intervals.


Depending on customer needs it is possible to study the projects by defining objectives, timing and mode. Often, working closely with the customer, comes the need to test or reorganize existing solutions and to assess their evolutions. Many times we have organized "pilots" to try new solutions.
Thanks to this approach, the client is able to assess the effective integration of new technologies in the company. The "pilot" is proved as an excellent decision-making tool for the development of strategies and business investments.


Do IT is able to organize and support standard or customized training courses according to customer requirements. The topics of the courses are:

  • Linux for systems engineers
  • Linux for users
  • Use of a HPC cluster for users
  • Management of HPC systems through cluster management products
  • Management of Cluster FileSystems
  • Configuration of Queue management systems
  • Monitoring and Tuning of HPC systems