The company represents the natural evolution of its founders who come from more than twenty years of experience in the industrial high performance computing market. It inherits their technical and relationship skills, developed over the time while working with companies ranging from the small study up to the big multinationals operating in the industrial and manufacturing domain.
The story of Do IT is characterized by a steady growth in terms of turnover, which, starting from just over 150 K in 2010 has broken down the wall of a million euro in the recent 2015. The Growth was not limited to revenues: the 4 resources employed in the founding year have now become 16 (with an average of younger than 40 years). This allows Do IT to be structured to meet the increasing reference market demands.


Do IT Systems mission is to become a referring point for high performance computing solutions, for hardware vendors, hardware and software resellers and end users.


The values characterize the activities of each working day, they are those through which our customers choose us and distinguish us from our competitors. The values that have always been part of our culture are the following.

  • Commitment

    Our customers deserve our commitment to tackle the challenges on the calculation.

  • Passion

    It is the one that we put every day in our work and allows us to establish a relationship of trust with our customers.

  • Honesty

    At the base of all our relationship. Transparency, respect and seriousness are the natural consequence.

  • Innovation

    Characterizes the work of each day and simplifies that of our customers.

  • Experience

    All of our employees work in an optimal way thanks to the experience accumulated over time.

  • Focused on customer

    Our choices are taken to the interest of the customer.